ECEN 689-605: Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Conversion


Welcome to the Texas A&M University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

During the fall semester of 2010, thirty graduates students enrolled in ECEN 689 "special topics" class. Like many graduate classes, the course culminated with a term project. Unlike other classes, and to the initial surprise of the students, this term project would divide the class into ten teams, who would complete against each other for a scholarship.

The challenge: create a "Solar Primer" analyzing solar photovoltaic technology in Texas.

At stake: $6,000 in scholarship money.

This web site summarizes the experience, congratulates the scholarship recipients, and archives the final results of the team reports.

On behalf of the class, I would like to thank Power Across Texas for hosting the Energy Primer Challenge and NRG Texas LLC for providing the scholarship money for the Texas A&M team.

Professor Robert S. Balog
Jan 26, 2011

Fall 2010 Class
Panel of judges (L-R): Dr. Robert Balog, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, TAMU (panel moderator); Dr. Ismail Çapar, Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution, TAMU; Cindy Wall, Executive Director, Texas Applied Center for Technology; Craig Eckberg, NRG Texas LLC; Rebecca Klein, Chairman, Power Across Texas.